Monday, April 03, 2006

Definition: Sensual Prude

Sensual Prudes: an unusual class of sex positivists, who have undergone thoughtful, revolutionary introspection of their relationships and chosen to seek a new level of committed relationship with one partner.

Sensual - sen·su·al (sen-shoo-al) adj. Highly appreciative of the pleasures of sensation, taking delight in beauty. Awake to the delight of the body in the world. Committed to deep intimacy and awareness with ones environment and all its adorable humans.

Prude - (prood) n. Far from it's contemporary use as an admonishment, this site takes the word back to its ancient use in Old French meaning "wise one." One who creates and articulates their own boundaries of intimacy, and uses these boundaries not as constriction but as fulcrum for inner power. The new prude is a friend to pleasure, but would never buy it at the price of joy or integrity.


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